Past Releases

2014 Roussanne - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                       Aromas of citrus, stone fruits, apple, Oolong tea and honey. Rich and unctuous mouth feel and a stunning finish with delicate fruit tannins.
100% Roussanne, Jon Cockburn Ranch Vineyard
100 cases produced

2012 Triolet – Walla Walla Valley
Amazingly rich and complex while maintaining focus and nerve.  Seductive scents of black cherry, blackberry, warm spice and vanilla invite extended contemplation. Robust flavor components include kirsch liquor, plum and anise. Balanced tannins provide structure and complexity to the persistent finish.
62% Cabernet Sauvignon, Dwelley Vineyard
30% Cabernet Franc, Dwelley Vineyard
8% Petit Verdot, Frazier Bluff Vineyard
158 cases produced

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon - Horse Heaven Hills
Inviting aromas are fresh and vibrant with licorice, cedar and a hint of mint. Blackberry fruit, juicy plum and cherry flavors glide easily with fine tannins producing a long and expressive finish.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon - Phinny Hill Vineyard
68 cases produced

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley
Taut and focused with aromas of red currant, black cherry, mint and a hint of ancho chili and cedar. Savory elements meld with blackberry, licorice and bay leaf. Finishes gracefully with supple tannins and a hint of eucalyptus.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Windrow Vineyard, Dwelley Vineyard, Yellowbird Vineyard
66 cases produced

2012 Founder’s Blend — Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                           Earthy herbs, black olive and dusty red fruits are highlights of the graceful aromatics. The flavors are deliciously pure and focused with deftly balanced current, black licorice and dried herbs. The lingering finish is impressively rich, supple, silky and deep.
60% Cabernet Franc, Dwelley Vineyard
40% Merlot, Seven Hills Vineyard
121 cases produced

2012 The Bard - Walla Walla Valley
Notes of raspberries, strawberries, gingerbread, coffee and a touch of rose petal invite you to savor the aromas. The silky smooth texture is rich with dark spicy fruit and a core of black cherries and supple texture. The finish invites you back.
55% Grenache, Nostra Terra Vineyard
36% Syrah, Nostra Terra Vineyard
9% Malbec, Frazier Bluff Vineyard
134 cases produced

2014 Rosé of Grenache - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                             The aromas are raspberry and white pepper with hints of stone fruits and ripe melon. The mouth is filled with rich flavors of peach and dried fruits, which precede a broad and complete finish with delicately firm tannins.
100% Grenache - Jon Cockburn Ranch Vineyard
50 cases produced.

2012 Merlot - Walla Walla Valley
Enticing aromas of black olive, mushrooms and tobacco are present with hints of thyme and sarsaparilla. Lovely flavors of black current and plum with a touch of mocha and black raspberry are framed by balanced tannins and refreshing acidity.
100% Merlot, Seven Hills Vineyard
94 cases produced

2012 Malbec - Walla Walla Valley
Compelling aromas of blueberry, damson, tobacco and black pepper precede the gloriously velvety, concentrated and lively flavors. This robust wine evokes dark chocolate with violets and earth. The finish is spicy berry with a gentle kiss of leather and eucalyptus.
100% Malbec, Frazier Bluff Vineyard
62 cases produced

2011 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley  
Alluring aromas of graphite, violets and tobacco blend with a hint of black licorice and green olive. The flavors are a lavish union of blackberry, bay leaf, and plum. The rich mid-palate lingers through the long finish with opulent berry spice, and rare earth.
55% Cabernet Franc, Dwelley Vineyard
45% Merlot, Seven Hills Vineyard
111 cases produced

2011 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley      
Graphite, herbs, and blackberry highlight the complex aromas. The flavors are rich and alluring with black fruits, kirsch, plum and savory spice. Ample quantities of refreshing natural acidity provide a framework for a supple and provocative finish, which extends with a touch of bittersweet chocolate.
60% Cabernet Sauvignon: Windrow Vineyard and Phinny Hill Vineyard
35% Cabernet Franc: Dwelley Vineyard
5% Petit Verdot: Frazier Bluff Vineyard
103 Cases produced

2013 Semillon - Walla Walla Valley
This barrel-fermented wine is rich with scents of fig, citrus, minerals and a hint of honeyed beeswax. The flavor profile is a luscious blend of unctuous apricot and herbal tones with a complex range of tropical fruit flavors. The finish has a pleasing grip of fruit tannins and a touch of oak with plenty of mouth-watering natural acidity, which forecasts a bright and long future.
100% Semillon - Birch Creek Vineyard
55 cases produced.

2010 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley
The aromas are savory and invoke scents of dried herbs, cedar, soy and raspberry. The complex blends of flavors include rich berry liquor, black current and exotic spices. Satisfying natural acidity promotes a graceful, plush and vibrant finish.
68% Cabernet Sauvignon - Dwelley Vineyard
28% Cabernet Franc - Dwelley Vineyard
4% Petit Verdot - Frazier Bluff Vineyard
175 cases produced.

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley
Focused classic cabernet aromas of spicy black current and a hint of olive. The flavors are rich, with accents of black cherry, mineral and pomegranate, which persist impressively to reveal deftly balanced tannins, oak and fruit.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon - Windrow Vineyard
72 cases produced.

2012 Whispering Owl – Columbia Valley
Mango, white peach, and pineapple burst forth on the nose with additional nuances of honeysuckle, minerals and fresh cut hay. Rich flavors are layered with tropical and citrus fruits and hints of blood orange and honeydew melon. Finishes long with subtle fruit tannins and refreshing acidity.
57% Sauvignon Blanc - Spring Creek Vineyard
43% Semillon - Birch Creek Vineyard
92 cases produced.

2011 The Bard - Walla Walla Valley
The aromas are classic Grenache; vibrant raspberry, strawberry and white pepper, along with a hint of cedar and spice. The texture is velvety smooth in the mouth with flavors of anise and dark berries that transition to baking spices and a touch of leather on the satisfying finish.
50% Grenache, Nostra Terra Vineyard
33% Syrah, Nostra Terra Vineyard
17% Merlot, Seven Hills Vineyard
72 cases produced

2010 Syrah - Walla Walla Valley
The aromas are off the charts with a symphony of dark brambly fruit, licorice, bacon fat, smoked meats and wild mushrooms. The flavors are equally intriguing with a backbone of smooth tannins and spicy berry, dark chocolate and clove. The finish is a generous combination of leather, earth and a hint of eucalyptus.
100% Syrah, Morrison Lane Vineyard
32 cases produced

2010 Malbec – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                  Ripe blueberries highlight the rich aromas with a little smoke and plum. Jammy flavors dominate the palette with ripe dark fruits and chocolate and then lift to reveal fresh acids and a peppery plum finish.
100 % Malbec - Frazier Bluff Vineyard
72 cases produced.

2009 Syrah - Walla Walla Valley
Inviting aromas of anise, mushrooms, and earth commingle with dark berry and spice. The flavors explode with a profusion of silky tannins that carry a bramble of raspberry, blueberry, and dark cherry cola. The massive finish lingers with hints of leather and licorice.
100% Syrah - Morrison Lane Vineyard
48 cases produced.

2009 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley
Savory and spicy aromas of graphite, herbs and a hint of eucalyptus highlight the nose. Rich and alluring flavors of blackberry and kirsch liquor lead to a melding of dark plummy fruits and vibrant acidity which frame the meaty and plush finish.
67% Cabernet Sauvignon - Dwelley Vineyard
27% Cabernet Franc - Dwelley Vineyard
6% Petit Verdot - Frazier Bluff Vineyard
175 cases produced.

2010 Founder’s Blend – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                    Bright red fruit, graphite, and violets on the nose with attractive olive notes. Fleshy and lush flavors feature rich baking spices surrounded by lively berry. The finish is a complex blend of spicy black cherry, herbs, and a touch of oak.
66% Cabernet Franc - Dwelley Vineyard
34% Merlot - Seven Hills Vineyard
72 cases produced.

2008 Syrah - Morrison Lane Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                        Earth, pepper and wild game aromas give way to flavors of licorice and dark fruits. Full and rich, balancing dry tannins and oak accents on its lengthy finish.
100% Syrah - Morrison Lane Vineyard
98 cases produced

2010 The Bard – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                             Aromas of spicy raspberry, cocoa and a hint of Herbs de Provence lead to flavors of black cherry, cassis, and supple plum. Finishes long and clean with refreshing acidity and a warm chocolate and very berry herbal spice.
50% Syrah - Nostra Terra Vineyard and Walla Walla Vintners Estate Vineyard
25% Grenache - Nostra Terra Vineyard
25% Merlot - Seven Hills Vineyard
50 cases produced

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                       High-toned aromas of blackberry, black currents, tobacco and a hint of mint give way to flavors of black cherry, star anise, and rich earth. Supple tannins, intense dark fruit, and a touch of oak mark the bright and lingering finish.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
80% Windrow Vineyard
20% Tokar Vineyard
92 cases produced

2012 Grenache Rosé - Walla Walla Valley
Inviting aromas of raspberry, strawberry, maraschino cherry and a hint of eucalyptus
lead to flavors of apricot, ripe melon and spice. A delicate firmness is evident in the delectable finish.
100 % Grenache - Nostra Terra Vineyard
35 cases produced.

2008 Syrah - Lewis Vineyard - Columbia Valley                                                                                                             Intense nose of lavender and violets. Minerality melds with dark berry and pepper flavors in a rich, full palate. Extends indefinitely.                                                                                                                                                          100% Syrah - Lewis Vineyard
124 cases produced

2011 Whispering Owl – Columbia Valley                                                                                                                Razor-sharp green fruits meld with aromas of fig, honeycomb and fresh hay. Vibrant citrus fruits and stone merge with tropical fruits and hints of honeysuckle. Supple fruit tannins support the lengthy finish.                                      65% Sauvignon Blanc – Spring Creek Vineyard                                                                                                              35% Semillon – Birch Creek Vineyard 72 cases produced.

2009 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                    Black current bush, violet and spicy black licorice highlight graceful aromatics, while black cherry and rich fruit cake frame the lush, smooth mouth feel. Finishes with olive, bay leaf and earth.                                                          66% Cabernet Franc – Dwelley Vineyard                                                                                                                         33% Merlot – Seven Hills Vineyard (50%), Pepper Bridge Vineyard (50%)                                                                    1% Malbec – Frazier Bluff Vineyard                                                                                                                                     68 cases produced.

2008 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                   Bright cranberry, pomegranate nose with hints of sage and mint. Cherry and blackberry flavors surround espresso and silky oak on a long, layered finish.                                                                                                               62% Cabernet Sauvignon - Dwelley Vineyard, Seven Hills Vineyard, Pepper Bridge Vineyard                                  35% Cabernet Franc - Dwelley Vineyard                                                                                                                            3% Petit Verdot - Frazier Bluff Vineyard
240 cases produced

2009 Malbec – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                Juicy, vivid, rich and darkly colored, the nose shows white pepper, blueberry, graphite and fig. Flavors of plum and licorice linger with cocoa and sandalwood on the evocative finish.
100% Malbec – Frazier Bluff Vineyard                                                                                                                                44 cases produced.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                           Captivating aromas of spicy currant and black cherry are followed by layers of kirsch, good clean earth, stone, and cedar. The persistent finish reveals anise, dried herbs,and silky tannins.                                                              100% Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                                                                                                   80% Windrow Vineyard 20% Tokar Vineyard

2010 Whispering Owl - Columbia Valley                                                                                                                       Vibrant aromas of citrus, honeysuckle flowers, minerals and flint mingle with honeycomb and fig. Simultaneously crisp and rich with a profusion of tropical fruits, melons, and green apple. Finishes with a refreshing hint of lemon grass.                                                                                                                                                                                 50% Semillon - Birch Creek Vineyard                                                                                                                            50% Sauvignon Blanc - Spring Creek Vineyard

2008 Founder's Blend – Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                    Blueberry and graphite nose with undercurrents of currant, tobacco and toast. Firm tannins grip the mid-palate and melt into a lingering finish of cedar and chocolate.                                                                                                    67% Cabernet Franc - Dwelley Vineyard                                                                                                                          33% Merlot - Seven Hills Vineyard, Pepper Bridge Vineyard

2008 Malbec – Frazier Bluff Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                           Aromas of violet, blueberry and plum with mossy stone and graphite in the background. Dense fruit flavors with black pepper and graham cracker frame the velvety finish.                                                                                            100% Malbec - Frazier Bluff Vineyard.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                             Layers of blackberry bramble, currant and cassis stretch from first breath to unending finish. Hints of crushed stone and dust. Focused and balanced with a long, polished finish of cedar and vanilla.                                            100% Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                                                                                                 80% Windrow Vineyard 20% Tokar Vineyard

2007 Syrah - Lewis Vineyard - Columbia Valley                                                                                                             Floral, perfume nose. Scents of lilac, cassis, blackberry and just a hint of mint. Elegant and refined with flavors of dark fruits edged with black pepper and liquid minerals.
100% Syrah (Lewis Vineyard)

2007 Syrah - Morrison Lane Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                           Dark, intense. Greets you with a wall of mushroom, forest undergrowth, and bacon fat aromas. Big, silken tannins glide among flavors of black pepper, smoked game and blueberry. Unending finish laced with leather, tobacco and spice.
100% Syrah (Morrison Lane Vineyard)

2007 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                Raspberry, rhubarb nose with pencil lead and herbaceous undertones. Black currant, espresso and blackberry flavors support fine-grained tannins and lead to a long, spicy finish.                                                                              73% Cabernet Sauvignon
(37% Dwelley Vineyard, 18% Seven Hills Vineyard, 18% Pepper Bridge Vineyard)                                                      18% Cabernet Franc (Dwelley Vineyard)                                                                                                                             9% Petit Verdot (Frazier Bluff Vineyard)

2007 Malbec  - Frazier Bluff Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                       Delicate nose of violets, cherry blossom, fresh cut hay and hints of mint.  Black pepper and licorice linger just below the surface, recalled in the lengthy finish.  Soft tannins wrap around dark fruits and black olives.                100% Malbec (Frazier Bluff Vineyard)

2006 Triolet - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                     The nose is cassis, cranberry and graham cracker.  Dark berry flavors and polished tannins are underscored with olive and black pepper.                                                                                                                                                      85% Cabernet Sauvignon (21% Dwelley Vineyard, 64% Minnick Hills Vineyard)                                                             10% Cabernet Franc (Dwelley Vineyard)                                                                                                                             5% Petit Verdot (Frazier Bluff Vineyard)

2006 Syrah - Lewis Vineyard - Columbia Valley                                                                                                      Blackberry and violet on the nose with hints of rose petal and roasted game.  Dense and chewy with flavors of pomegranate, currant and plum.  Earth and spice highlight the long finish. 
100% Syrah (Lewis Vineyard)

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon – Windrow Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley                                                                         True Cab nose of dark fruits, tobacco and leather, underscored with just a touch of bell pepper.  Firm tannins highlight blackberry and currant flavors with an intense, long-lasting finish.                                                               100% Cabernet Sauvignon (Windrow Vineyard)

2005 Founder's Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                      With a treat for every part of the palate, the blend starts with an exotic Asian spice nose, then goes to a creamy mouth feel, a taste of maraschino cherry, and ends with chocolate and almond. These flavors linger for a delectable finish. A gorgeous ruby color is a vibrant wrapper for this year's delight. Grapes were sourced from Windrow Vineyards for this wine comprised of 63% Cabernet Franc, 28% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                             The wine opens with aromas of fresh spearmint and follows with a rush of newly picked raspberries. The concentrated flavor of small intensely ripe blackberries from trailing vines lingers on the palate. The finish begins with a taste of tart pie cherries with a hint of sun ripened watermelon then gives way to notes of dusty, rich earth. Showing much finesse and balance, this Cabernet is a truly beautiful dark garnet gem. Windrow Vineyards provided fruit for this vintage, which is 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot.

2003 Founder's Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                      The lush nose epitomizes the Bunchgrass goal of producing distinctive, delicious wines that express their own unique characters. Shades of dark magenta frame black cherry flavors with tones of vanilla, and the enticing tastes and aromas evoke a wild blackberry picking expedition. This wine is comprised of 61.12% Cabernet Franc, 20.32% Merlot, and 18.56% Cabernet Sauvignon. Grape sources were Walla Walla River Farm and Vanessa's Vineyards.

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                              Inky and concentrated, this powerful wine has dark cassis, tar, and a hint of mint, which fuse in support of an immense structure and tannic backbone. The wine is comprised of 95.14% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4.86% Merlot. Grapes were sourced from Windrow Vineyards and Walla Walla River Farm Vineyard.

2003 T-Rex Red - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                                 This enticing Walla Walla Valley wine opens with a spice cabinet full of aromas-nutmeg, vanilla, clove, and mint. Classic berry flavors dominate the taste profile with background notes of sweet oak, caramel, cedar and a hint of citrus. Brisk tannins and lively acidity combine with the delicious flavors for a mouth-filling long finish to this very distinctive, rich ruby Merlot blend. Approachable now, this vintage is comprised of 76.43% Merlot and 23.57% Cabernet Franc from Vanessa's and Walla Walla River Farm Vineyards.

2002 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                        Intriguing aromas of cassis, cigar box, and floral noses invite one to savor this deeply dark, elegant Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Opulent flavors of supple and toasty oak, vanilla, black cherries and a hint of leather mingle on the palate. The beautifully balanced fruit of this richly structured wine leads to a gorgeous, lingering finish. Containing 93.45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6.55% Merlot, this Cabernet can be enjoyed now or cellared for future rewards. Vineyard sources include Windrow, Vanessa's and Cougar Hills.

2002 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                              Intensely deep plum in color, the wine opens with a cedar nose that is followed by hints of freshly crushed mint, tobacco and dark sweet cherries. Luxurious and velvety in the mouth, smooth tannins and subdued wood highlight this grandly structured claret-style wine. The seamlessly integrated varietals combine for a buoyant, lingering finish. This vintage is excellent for drinking now and for aging. Comprised of: 50.78% Cabernet Franc from Vanessa’s and Walla Walla River Farm Vineyards, 40.14% Merlot from Vanessa’s, Cougar Hills and Walla Walla River Farm Vineyards and 9.08% Cabernet Sauvignon from Walla Walla River Farm Vineyard.

2001 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                          Seductive dark fruit and oak follow from the nose to the glass. Black currant and ripe fall plums, along with cedar, balsam and vanilla meld on the palate. Supple tannins and intense, jammy fruit come together in stunning harmonious balance in a dark, lush wine. Bunchgrass Cabernet lovers will be passionate about this release. Aging not required, but rewarded. Comprised of: 82.85% Cabernet Sauvignon from Windrow’s Plateau, Southern Slope and Old Block Vineyards and 17.15% Merlot from our estate, Vanessa’s and Cougar Hills Vineyards.

2001 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                      The aromatic nose of this lovely garnet hued wine has layers of floral fragrance, dried cherries and a hint of leather. A delicious mouthful of soft, smooth flavors with subdued wood and licorice gives the wine a silky finish. This wine is comprised of 53.08% Cabernet Franc from our estate and Vanessa’s Vineyards, 42.88% Merlot from our estate, Vanessa’s and Cougar Hills Vineyards, and 4.04% Cabernet Sauvignon from Windrow Vineyards.

2000 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                            Dark ruby in color, this polished wine has an enticing nose leading to blackberry jam flavors with nuances of earthy dried fruit. Supple tannins and a long velvety finish enhance this very approachable, delicious Cabernet. Comprised of 81.84% Cabernet Sauvignon from Windrow and Vanessa’s Vineyards, and 18.16% Merlot from our estate and Seven Hills East Vineyards.

2000 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                     Dark garnet in color, the wine greets with a lovely floral nose along with hints of balsam and cedar. Tastes of cherry and wild raspberry integrate to form well-rounded, elegant flavors. This polished Bordeaux style wine offers a lingering rich finish. It is comprised of 43.15% Cabernet Franc, 42.77% Merlot and 14.08% Cabernet Sauvignon.

1999 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                              This striking dark fruited beauty is sure to please the Cabernet lover. Extraordinary depth of color and flavors makes this wine a sensuous delight. Blackberry, dark fruits and a hint of coconut greet the palate after a lovely nose of sweet oak and vanillin. Well-integrated tannins, fruit and acid this dense wine excellent aging potential. Grapes from Windrow Vineyards were used to craft this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon gem.

1999 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                   Aromas of dark cherries and fragrant meadow flowers give way to notes of cedar in this beautiful deep ruby wine. A mouthful of fresh berry and sweet oak balances by focused acids and tannins lingers on the palate with a long, pleasant finish. This wine, produced from over 60% estate grown grapes long with those of other valley vineyards, is comprised of 51.3% Cabernet Franc, 43.1% Merlot, and 5.6% Cabernet Sauvignon.

1998 Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                              Fruit from Windrow and Vanessa’s Vineyards are combined in this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Dark rich plum in color and smooth in the mouth, it has flavors of late summer blackberries and dark chocolate. A nose of vanilla and balsam wood is underlain with lush earthiness. The ripe tannins typical of the 1998 vintage make it a delicious wine with lots of power for aging.

1998 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                      Grapes from our own vines along with those from two other Walla Walla Valley sites at Vanessa’s and Windrow Vineyards were used in a blend comprised of 53% Cabernet Franc, 42% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine echoes the style of the famous Saint-Emilion region in France. Supple and sumptuous, the wine has fruit reminiscent of wild blackberries and black currants. With underlying complex oak, the spicy aromas and hints of cedar, vanilla, and leather linger in the long finish. This deep garnet beauty has the ripe, well-integrated tannins and balance that make it a wine of charm and approachability.

1997 Founder’s Blend - Walla Walla Valley                                                                                                                       This wine is made entirely from grapes grown in the winery’s own hand-tended vineyard. It is a Bordeaux style blend of 54.5% Merlot and 45.5% Cabernet Franc. Cellared in contact with American and French oak, imparting cedar and tobacco flavors, it has developed into an elegant and delightful medium bodied wine which can be enjoyed with a variety of foods or on its own. Delicious wild strawberry and dark sweet cherry flavors are underlined with warm toasty wood notes to create a long finish and harmonious balance.